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A Wedding and A Giveaway!

Janicu is getting married!! You go girl! Congratulations and best wishes to you! Now your asking, whats this about a contest? Well Janicu happens to be a very giving person. Even though it's her big day coming up, she's decided to celebrate with everyone else and have a giveaway. Doesn't she rock?! I know! I think so too. So stop on by her Livejournal or Vox page, leave her a message of congratulations on her upcoming wedding and be entered to win. Janicu is giving away a twenty dollar e-certificate to Barnes and Nobles and an paperback book of your choice from a list of great authors that are on her page consisting of Linnea Sinclair, Wen Spencer, Ann Aguirre, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Eve Kenin, Michelle Sagara and Jocelynn Drake. You can enter until about 8/10/08 so hop on over to her Vox page at http://janicu.vox.com or her Livejournal page at http://janicu.livejournal.com/37978.html. Good luck!

You Really Need a "Small Favor"

Okay, your probably wondering about that topic title. But it is true. If you haven't read Jim Butcher's newest book "Small Favor", you really need to. This is a great book. One of my favorites in the Harry Dresden wizard series. To those not familar with JIm Butcher, allow me to tell you that he has two series of books. One is a fantasy series, the other a wizard series. The Dresden wizard series id my favorite right now. Basically Harry Dresden is a wizard that dares to advertize in the CHicago Yellow Pages with his true profession. He's the only wizard in the listings. Harry himself does everything from working with police to solve magical crimes to finding stolen objects, etc from clients. And in "small Favor" he's once again in trouble.
You see Harry has had a lot of run-ins with preternaturals. Most he would have liked to avoid. Especially since some of those entanglements caused him to owe certain people favors. Now one of these people, a Queen of the Winter Fae, wants to call in the debt.  And there's no way Harry can refuse. So the clock starts ticking and Harry has to rescue someone he loaths while avoiding hitmen sent from a former friend and at the same time make sure he doesn't get himself or his friends killed.
I thought the book moved along wonderfully without a hitch and as always all of Jim Butcher's characters are captivating and endearing. The plot was a little complex but once you figure things out, the rest that you wondered about through the story sorts itself out. And I really liked the surprise scene in the hospital chapel. I won't say here what happened incase you still want to read the book but those reading this who have read the book will smile knowingly. Another point of interest is the island in the book. I've lived in Chicago and never heard of any islands in Lake Michigan until this book. It was surprising. Everything was on the mark and true even though Jim Butcher used a certain island in his book. It makes this reader curious and I think one of these days I will have to go out and find that island.

A New Kind of Pumpkin Carving

Well it's October. Already the stores are stocking shelves with Halloween mechandise while the cable stations scramble to put on the most horror movies. It's one of my favorite months of course. How could it not be?
While surfing the net and seeing what ideas there are on here for Halloween I saw this picture. As an artist myself, this pumpkin carving really spoke to me. I thought it was a really cool idea. While usually I don't get a pumpkin for Halloween, I'm rethinking it after seeing this. I was thinking maybe I could do a pumkin carving like this but with vampire and werewolves on it. Sort of an Underworld kind of image. MIght be interesting to try.


Hello and welcome to my journal. This is my first time having a journal online so I'll be posting about a little bit of everything. But being a big time reader, I'd like to start things off by recommending a book I recently read. If paranormal/romance is to your taste then you might want to try the authors I post about on here.

First let me say that Soul Song is another of Marjorie Liu’s best! She captivates me time and again with each book but I have my favorites of hers just like anyone else and this book is definitely one of them.
From book one, Tiger Eye, I have been enchanted with the way Marjorie Liu writes. She takes the time to really paint a picture with the scenes and enchant one and all with every character. It’s really a marvel to me how she does it but it’s a gift. A gift both in her and to us, because for me it is like Christmas every time I open one of her books.
Being lucky enough to start this series from the first book I have come to enjoy Dirk & Steele along with everyone who works there. A company steeped in secrecy over the talented and magical individuals that form the ranks of this organization. In Soul Song, we meet Kitala Bell, world renowned violinist, keeper of her own secret talent, and sadly out of the loop where Dirk & Steele is concerned. She has friends who work there but they never talk about the other side of their job. And Kit’s raw new power is just beginning to bud when she is suddenly involved in a bad situation.
M’cal is a force to be reckoned with. Part human, part merman, he is thrown into the mix when he is sent to kill Kitala. But Kit’s music calls to him and touches a part of him that has been dormant for so long. He resists killing her but Kitala is still not safe. Everyone seems to want her dead and her only hope lies in befriending M’cal the very man who nearly took her life to begin with.
Their story really touched me. I cheered for this couple and really cursed the villains who got in the way of their happiness. And there were so obstacles to that happiness in this book! It seemed the action never stopped or slowed down and I mean that as the greatest compliment. This book was a major page turner for me and I blame Marjorie Liu for a sleepless night of obsessive reading. Of course it’s a good blame. I don’t forgo sleep to read anything but the best!



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